Inconvenience for passengers on a flight from Nice to Mykonos, could not land due to winds – Video and photos – ProtoThema English

Dozens of passengers on a EasyJet flight from Nice, France to Mykonos are suffering great inconvenience due to the inability of the aircraft to land at its destination because of strong winds. The aircraft operating the flight, which was already delayed for an hour and a half, failed to land at Mykonos airport, resulting in a return to Athens’ Eleftherios Venizelos airport.

Newsroom July 8 06:27

According to officials at the management of Eleftherios Venizelos, the aircraft landed at Athens airport at 16.30 after a failed landing attempt at Mykonos. In order to attempt a new take-off to Mykonos, a certificate of improvement of weather conditions will be obtained.

The inconvenience for passengers continues and according to a complaint from a Greek passenger, they have been unable to get off the plane for a long time and on top of that they cannot use the toilet. The passenger himself, conveying the mood, spoke of exhausted and indignant passengers from the long wait and uncertainty.

The captain of the flight announced earlier to passengers that they would attempt to fly to Mykonos again in a few hours.

This incident once again highlights the difficulties that air transport can face due to weather conditions and the need for better information for passengers.

EasyJet has so far made no official announcement about the incident, while passengers are anxiously awaiting the next attempt to land on the Cycladic island.